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STB and utf8mb4

A few days ago I received a message from user on support forum. He wrote about problem with the styles table in the plugin. Over the lifetime of the plugin such problems was not happened, but … I visited the admin area of his blog – really, the problem is obvious. A brief research revealed the following. WP 4.2 now supports charset utf8mb4, and determines the possibility of using it automatically according to the version of MySQL (must be 5.5.3+). This user uses a special version of MySQL (5.5.42-cll) that must but does not support this charset. As a result – error when creating the table with all the consequences.

What to do? Below is a small instruction how to combat this problem.

Open phpMyAdmin or if you do not have access to it install any of the plugins that allows you to run SQL scripts (for example: SQL Executioner, MiwoSQL etc.). You need to execute two SQL scripts.

The first:

This script creates a style table and set its charset to utf8. Do not forget to change [PREFIX] to the real prefix of your database (usually wp).

The second:

This script fills in the table with the default data. Do not forget to change [PREFIX] to the real prefix of your database (usually wp).

After completing both scripts, go to “Themes” page of the plugin and activate any theme.

What STB Pro users must to do in this case you can learn here

That’s all. Good luck!

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  1. Dear Minimus,

    I have the same problem as STB and utf8mb4. I followed the procedure about the DB, the script have been accepted, but nothing happened. New style can’t be saved and the same error with installation of light plugin is shown. Please, correct it otherwise I don’t buy your plugin.
    Thanks. Very beautiful plugin if…it works.

    Alert!: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist
    Black Quote: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist
    Download: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist
    Info: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist
    Warning!: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist
    Codes: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist
    Custom Style: Table ‘xxxxxxxxxx.wp_stb_styles’ doesn’t exist

    Nothing has been
    Total Comments by Enrico: 2

  2. Dear Minimus,
    With new version is perfect. All the errors has been corrected. I want to thank you for the amazing plugin, I LOVE IT! As I told you, I’ve buyed it!
    Total Comments by technialab: 2

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