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WordPress plugin Simple View

This plugin is WordPress shell for javascript FloatBox library by Byron McGregor. Floatbox is a javascript library for displaying windowed content over top of web pages. It can be considered a ‘lightbox clone’ (Lightview, Lightbox, Shadowbox, Fancybox, Thickbox, etc.) with great image gallery capabilities, but also extends that model with support for all types of content and strong programmability for ‘smart’, interactive content. Floatbox is highly customizable, easy to deploy, and very robust and reliable across all modern browsers.

Support Forum for this plugin.


Images (thumbnails content):


Images (text content):

Video (YouTube ID content):


Video (text content):

Predefined Galleries (version 1.0+):

How to install

  • Upload plugin folder to WordPress /wp-content/plugins folder
  • Activate plugin
  • Go to FloatBox Installation page and install FloatBox library.
  • Enter License Key on plugin settings page. Floatbox is protected by copyright and is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Without a license key present, the software will periodically display a registration reminder during use.
  • Customise plugin to your taste. All FloatBox parameters are represented in the plugin.

How to use

To insert FloatBox object to your post’s content use plugin shortcodes or plugin insertion dialog.

More howto read here.


  • source – media source (image, video or another site)
  • caption – caption of media
  • group – if you want to place several galleries on one page, set group value for each group of media

For predefined objects:

  • id – ID of predefined gallery. Gallery mode.
  • only – show only specified items from predefined gallery. Gallery mode.
  • exclude – do not show specified items. Gallery mode.
  • group – group name. Several galleries with same group name will be shown as one gallery in FloatBox window. Gallery mode.
  • item – show single item by item ID. Item mode.

Insertion Dialogs:

Basic Settings

  • Source – media source (image, video or another site). URL only.
  • Caption – caption of media.
  • Content – Text, URL of thumbnail or YouTube ID.
  • Content Type – sets type of content.

Extended Settings

  • Group – if you want to place several galleries on one page, set group value for each group of media.

Predefined Galleries

  • ID – ID of gallery (Gallery Mode) or single item (Item Mode)
  • Gallery Content Type – ID modes selector
  • Items – items IDs for show only or exclude from show
  • Only or Exclude Items – only-exclude modes selector

FloatBox Features

You can read about all FloatBox features here.


Simple View
Wordpress shell for javascript FloatBox library by Byron McGregor. FloatBox is similar to Lightview, Lightbox, Shadowbox, Fancybox, Thickbox, etc.

Author: minimus, version: 1.0.12, updated: December 18, 2010,
Requires WP version: 2.8 or higher, tested up to: 3.0.5.
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© 2010 – 2014, minimus. All rights reserved.

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Senior Full Stack Web-developer (React, Node.js). Also: Development using Object Pascal, C#, SQL, PHP, Javascript.

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