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WordPress plugin Simple View. Howto

In anticipation of the many questions about the plugin, I wrote a brief instruction on its use.


The concept of “Simple View” predefined galleries is very simple. Gallery is a collection of items, each item of the gallery, in turn, is a set of properties of the media object (image, video, HTML) needed for output by FloatBox.

FloatBox Installation

FloatBox pack is excluded from Simple View plugin package by FloatBox author’s request. You need to download the FloatBox package from its home page and install it manually. However, I have tried best to automate the installation process.

Immediately after activating the plugin, go to “FloatBox Installation” and do package installation. To do this, click “FloatBox Download Page” and download the package to your computer, then select the downloaded archive file and click Upload and Install”. File will be uploaded and installed automatically.

If you already have previously uploaded FloatBox archive file on server or FloatBox archive file was uploaded by FTP, just select this file and click ‘Install’.

Do not forget to configure FloatBox on its settings page.

Working with Predefined Galleries

To create a new gallery, go to “New Gallery” and fill in the properties of the new gallery. Save it and go to “Galleries”. Now you can create items of the gallery. To do this, click “View Items” on command panel of gallery row  and, when “Gallery Items” page loads, click “New Item”.

On “New Item” page you can set captions of item (FloatBox can serve two captions. First Caption located in the area of control panel. Second Caption (Caption 2) located above the area of media content.), codes to output before and after link.

Also you can select previously uploaded or upload image and thumbnail for it. If “Auto Thumbnailing” is allowed, thumbnail for uploaded image will be created automatically.


For any media objects:

  • source – media source (image, video or another site)
  • caption – caption of media
  • group – if you want to place several galleries on one page, set group value for each group of media

For predefined objects:

  • id – ID of predefined gallery. Gallery mode.
  • only – show only specified items from predefined gallery. Gallery mode.
  • exclude – do not show specified items. Gallery mode.
  • group – group name. Several galleries with same group name will be shown as one gallery in FloatBox window. Gallery mode.
  • item – show single item by item ID. Item mode.

Insertion Dialogs

Basic Settings

  • Source – media source (image, video or another site). URL only.
  • Caption – caption of media.
  • Content – Text, URL of thumbnail or YouTube ID.
  • Content Type – sets type of content.

Extended Settings

  • Group – if you want to place several galleries on one page, set group value for each group of media.

Predefined Galleries

  • ID – ID of gallery (Gallery Mode) or single item (Item Mode)
  • Gallery Content Type – ID modes selector
  • Items – items IDs for show only or exclude from show
  • Only or Exclude Items – only-exclude modes selector

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  1. Is there a way to adjust the pop-out window dimension to fit HTML content? I have a contact form that’s only 400×300, but the Simple View window still maximizes the entire browser window leaving a lot of white space.
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