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Envato API. Upgrading plugin from WordPress


As you probably already know, WordPress has a mechanism that detects that the plugins, themes and the kernel itself WordPress have updates. Notify the user when they are available, to receive information about these updates and allows you to automatically install them. However, this only applies to plugins and templates …

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UncleSAM Project


Began selling my new plugin SAM Pro Lite. With this event began life my new project to develop plugins for advertising management for WordPress. The project is called UncleSAM and consists of three variants of the plugin SAM Pro, successors of the now existing Simple Ads Manager plugin. Because the …

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STB and utf8mb4


A few days ago I received a message from user on support forum. He wrote about problem with the styles table in the plugin. Over the lifetime of the plugin such problems was not happened, but … I visited the admin area of his blog – really, the problem is obvious. …

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STB Pro released


After analyzing the situation with the Special Text Boxes plugin, I decided to create a commercial edition of this plugin. Commercial edition of plugin called STB Pro (Special Text Boxes Pro Edition).

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SAM 2.4.90. Fight for speed


Today there was an updating of the Simple Ads Manager plugin. The plugin was updated to version 2.4.90. What changes? What is added? Generally there were changes of a technical order for improving speed performance of the plugin and reducing load of the server. Also some functionality, to be exact, …

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SAM 2 and caching plugins


Since version 2.0.73 plugin Simple Ads Manager supports caching plugins . He really supports ALL caching plugins and it’s great . But there is a small fly in the ointment. This fly is javascript function [crayon-57986527d33a8088331699-i/]. This function can be used only in the process of building DOM (Document Object …

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SAM 2.0. Whats new?


New version of SAM is released. What was done? First of all, there was a significant amount of fixed bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped in this difficult matter reporting bugs and direct instructions to discharge these bugs. Administrative interface is improved. Many have complained about slow loading of editors …

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Video Symphony Pro Tools Shortcut Infographic

Pro Tools systems play essential roles in nearly every entertainment industry, including music recording, feature film production, television production, video game production, and radio. Video Symphony is a top-rated Avid Pro Tools school. Video Symphony provide world-class Pro Tools courses in audio editing. These courses are so effective that they …

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