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WordPress plugin Simple Ads Manager

Until recently I used the plugin "Advertising Manager". However, I am not quite satisfied the set of its capabilities. For example, the inability to display scheduled advertisements, or the inability to display ads in the posts only certain categories. Etc. That's why I wrote my own plugin to control the advertising on the blog - Simple Ads Manager. I tried to create a plugin that will satisfy … [...]



WordPress plugin Simple View

This plugin is Wordpress shell for javascript FloatBox library by Byron McGregor. Floatbox is a javascript library for displaying windowed content over top of web pages. It can be considered … [...]


WordPress plugin Simple Counters

This plugin adds simple counters badge (FeedBurner and Twitter) to your blog. This badge shows for blog readers a counter of your FeedBurner readers and Twitter followers. It also provides … [...]


WordPress plugin Special Text Boxes

Special Text Boxes is very simple, very little and very useful Wordpress plugin (for me and, I hope, for you). It adds little style sheet file and short code to blog for highlighting some … [...]



SAM 2 and caching plugins

Since version 2.0.73 plugin Simple Ads Manager supports caching plugins . He really supports ALL caching plugins and it's great . But there is a small fly in the ointment. This fly is … [...]


SAM 2.0. Whats new?

New version of SAM is released. What was done? First of all, there was a significant amount of fixed bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped in this difficult matter reporting bugs and direct … [...]


StudioPress Child Themes. Hacks and Tricks.

It is not a secret that before installation of a new theme, it is necessary to adapt it under your own blog. Maybe the template is very good, but it is rare when completely meets the needs … [...]



Blogger plugin Simple Counters

Wrote a new plugin for WordPress and not to deprive Blogger-bloggers, imagine the same thing for Blogger, developed on the basis of my jQuery plug-in Simple Counters. So, Simple Counters for … [...]