uncle-sam-projectBegan selling my new plugin SAM Pro Lite. With this event began life my new project to develop plugins for advertising management for WordPress. The project is called UncleSAM and consists of three variants of the plugin SAM Pro, successors of the now existing Simple Ads Manager plugin.

Because the Simple Ads Manager plugin is my first experience in this field of the plugin development, it was not possible to avoid some mistakes in the planning and development of plugin functionality. Some bugs was corrected by me own, some with the help of volunteers and users of the plugin. Nevertheless, some global blunders (eg in structuring data) manifest themselves in the related difficulties of use of plugin and the impossibility of further development of plugin.

As the plugin is still popular, I decided to conduct a global reconstruction of the plugin. The new family of plugins developed by taking into account all previous experience with the introduction of new technologies. The concept of the plugin completely redesigned and expanded.

SAM Pro (Free Edition) – plugin for advertising management on websites of amateur bloggers. Replacement for the Simple Ads Manager plugin. Basically replicate the Simple Ads Manager functionality but on a new platform.

SAM Pro Lite – semi-professional plugin for managing advertising in the blog. Designed for small professional sites and large amateur sites. This plugin can be purchased on site CodeCanyon.

SAM Pro – professional plugin for professional bloggers who want to have full control over advertising and work with potential advertisers. In developing


  • Flexible logic of the banners rotation based on the ad weight and the restrictions
  • Scheduling and limitations by impressions/clicks. Total, monthly, weekly, daily limitations for impressions and clicks are available.
  • Three-level geotargeting (country, region, city) based on web services (MaxMind, DB-IP) or your own database.
  • Restrictions by the site page types. pro pro-lite
  • Restrictions by posts/pages ids, categories, tags, custom taxonomies terms, custom post types.
  • The automatic embedding of ads into the content of posts/pages and archives.
  • Any type of ads (Image, Flash, JS, PHP, etc.) supported
  • Outputting using widgets, shortcodes and functions is available.
  • Customizable accuracy of the bots and crawlers detection
  • Full statistics of the impressions and clicks. There is the difference for the different versions. free pro pro-lite
  • Extended statistics pro
  • Safe data migration from the Simple Ads Manager plugin.
  • Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) supported (GPT and GAM)
  • Any caching plugins supported
  • bbPress supported
  • Wptouch supported
  • Localization ready

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