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Using filters of Simple Counters

Since version 1.1.17 of WordPress plugin Simple Counters were added two filters for possibility of your own localization of badge phrases. Why filters? Why not parameters? Because different languages have different number of plural forms and rules of using these forms. It means that we don’t know how many plural …

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SAM. How it works.

Ads Place is rotator object. Each Ads Place consists of the default (patch) ad and a set of contained ads (not required). Each Contained Ad object has a set of logical rules that defines where this object can be displayed. Default (Patch) Ad will be displayed only if any of …

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WordPress plugin Simple Ads Manager

Until recently I used the plugin “Advertising Manager”. However, I am not quite satisfied the set of its capabilities. For example, the inability to display scheduled advertisements, or the inability to display ads in the posts only certain categories. Etc. That’s why I wrote my own plugin to control the …

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WordPress plugin Simple View. Howto

In anticipation of the many questions about the plugin, I wrote a brief instruction on its use. Concept The concept of “Simple View” predefined galleries is very simple. Gallery is a collection of items, each item of the gallery, in turn, is a set of properties of the media object …

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