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SAM 2 and caching plugins

Since version 2.0.73 plugin Simple Ads Manager supports caching plugins . He really supports ALL caching plugins and it’s great . But there is a small fly in the ointment. This fly is javascript function {javascript}document.write(){/javascript}. This function can be used only in the process of building DOM (Document Object …

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SAM 2.0. Whats new?

New version of SAM is released. What was done? First of all, there was a significant amount of fixed bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped in this difficult matter reporting bugs and direct instructions to discharge these bugs. Administrative interface is improved. Many have complained about slow loading of editors …

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Reincarnation of Simple Counters

FeedBurner Awareness API is dead! It’s dead, despite the assurances of the development team of Google and related to this, the hopes of millions of bloggers around the world. This means that the number of subscribers to FeedBurner we will not see in any way. And Simple Counters no exception. …

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Using filters of Simple Counters

Since version 1.1.17 of WordPress plugin Simple Counters were added two filters for possibility of your own localization of badge phrases. Why filters? Why not parameters? Because different languages have different number of plural forms and rules of using these forms. It means that we don’t know how many plural …

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SAM. How it works.

Ads Place is rotator object. Each Ads Place consists of the default (patch) ad and a set of contained ads (not required). Each Contained Ad object has a set of logical rules that defines where this object can be displayed. Default (Patch) Ad will be displayed only if any of …

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