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WordPress plugin Simple Ads Manager

Until recently I used the plugin “Advertising Manager”. However, I am not quite satisfied the set of its capabilities. For example, the inability to display scheduled advertisements, or the inability to display ads in the posts only certain categories. Etc. That’s why I wrote my own plugin to control the …

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Special Text Boxes 4. Poll!

Operation over the new version (version 4) Wordpress of plug-in Special Text Boxes has started. As a matter of fact, now there is an works over jQuery plug-in which will be a basis of the new version. The first testing has shown that stb mapping of blocks of the text occurs to script usage absolutely equally in all browsers accessible to me, including IE (rounded corners, shadows, etc.).

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WordPress plugin Simple Counters

This plugin adds simple counters badge (FeedBurner and Twitter) to your blog. This badge shows for blog readers a counter of your FeedBurner readers and Twitter followers. It also provides “Subscribe to” and “Follow me” links for your users. This is full customisable plugin. You can customise font and background …

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WordPress plugin My WP Plugin Info

This plugin recieves info of any plugin from wordpress.org plugins repository. It may be useful for plugin developers and for bloggers who writes about plugins. Plugin uses WordPress Plugins API, that was included to WordPress since 2.7 version.

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WordPress plugin Copyrighted Post

This plugin adds copyright notice in the end of each post of your blog and Feed RSS. Available admin page languages: English Russian Belarus by Fat Cower Simplified Chinese by 爱写字 If you have created your own language pack, or have an update of an existing one, you can send …

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