WordPress plugin My WP Plugin Info

July 17, 2009|16 Comments

This plugin recieves info of any plugin from wordpress.org plugins repository. It may be useful for plugin developers and for bloggers who writes about plugins. Plugin uses WordPress Plugins API, that was included to WordPress [...]

WordPress plugin Copyrighted Post

June 7, 2009|44 Comments

This plugin adds copyright notice in the end of each post of your blog and Feed RSS. Available admin page languages: English Russian Belarus by Fat Cower Simplified Chinese by 爱写字 If you have created [...]

WordPress plugin Multilingual Comments Number

May 15, 2009|9 Comments

The output strings of standard WordPress function comments-number are correct for languages having only a singular and plural form. But, for example, Slavic languages have singular and plural, and a special form (paucal) for numbers [...]

WordPress plugin Special Text Boxes

March 8, 2009|504 Comments

Special Text Boxes is very simple, very little and very useful Wordpress plugin (for me and, I hope, for you). It adds little style sheet file and short code to blog for highlighting some portion of text in post as colored boxes. That may be warning, alert, info and download portion of post's text.