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WordPress plugin Simple Counters

Simple CountersThis plugin adds simple counters badge (FeedBurner and Twitter) to your blog. This badge shows for blog readers a counter of your FeedBurner readers and Twitter followers. It also provides “Subscribe to” and “Follow me” links for your users.

This is full customisable plugin. You can customise font and background (gradient) colors, background gradient vector direction, images, hint colors and themes, badge position on browser screen, etc.

Support Forum for this plugin.

Alive example of badge you can see on my blog, near right side of browser …


Simple Counters Simple Counters Hints Simple Counters Admin Page


  1. Upload plugin dir to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Set plugin parameters for your needs


© 2010 – 2014, minimus. All rights reserved.

About minimus

Lead Frontend Developer (React, Node.js) at Digitals Technologies & Platforms. Also: Development using Object Pascal, C#, SQL, PHP, Javascript.

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  1. Hello!

    I just installed this plugin and am loving it. I’m sorry for asking this here (I can’t find anywhere else to post a question).

    Is it possible to change the text in the box? I wanted to modify the text as it doesn’t quite fit with the name of my site.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    Total Comments by Kyle: 3

    • Kyle, specify please, you wish to change the text of hints or the panel?
      Total Comments by minimus: 167

      • thank you for the quick response. I think it’s the hint: “Share and discover what is happening right now at the Teach English Abroad in Korea! Follow me on Twitter.”

        If I can change them to something whimsical and custom that would be great. If I can’t, at a minimum, I’m looking to take out the ‘the’ in that sentence.

        Thanks again,

        Total Comments by Kyle: 3

  2. Um, the update doesn’t work. This morning, badge. After update, no badge.
    And there’s no way to get the old version back.
    Total Comment by dw: 1

  3. Hello. the update to version 0.3.8, I stopped running. Sorry bad English. Martin
    Total Comments by Martin4Pája: 5

    • What is this?

      Total Comments by minimus: 167

      • This is version: .0.2.4
        Version: 0.3.8 does not appear! 🙁
        Total Comments by Martin4Pája: 5

        • How it appears?
          1. Badge disappeared
          2. There is no page of parametres
          3. Error messages
          4. Something other

          How you updated plugin? WordPress, FTP, Online File Manager?

          What version of PHP, WordPress?
          Total Comments by minimus: 167

          • 1. Badge disappeared
            FTP – Total Comm.7.50
            PHP version MySQL 5.0
            WP version 2.9.1
            Total Comments by Martin4Pája: 5

            • Must work …
              Repeat update, and save parameters of plugin …
              I want to see your blog with new version.
              Total Comments by minimus: 167

              • Plugin update to version 0.3.8
                Previous versions of deleted and new version recorded.
                Badge tested left and Right…but disappeared 🙁
                Total Comments by Martin4Pája: 5

                • Same here.
                  Badge disappeared (thanks for the link to the old)
                  Updated “automatically” via WP plugins page.
                  WP v2.91
                  PHP v5.x

                  Just reinstalled previous version and it worked instantly.
                  Thanks for this plugin though! Love it.
                  Total Comment by dw: 1

                • Try deactivate a plugin to delete old parameters, and, then, again activate a plugin …
                  Total Comments by minimus: 167

                  • hello. I found the problem!
                    I installed version 0.3.8
                    via FTP and I gradually rewrote components from version 0.2.4 and after typing each component update page.
                    In the js folder to overwrite Badge display 🙂
                    Error is probably in the directory “js”.
                    Thank you everyone for trying to help.
                    And thanks for a great plugin.

                    I hope you understand me my bad English.
                    Total Comments by Martin4Pája: 5

                    • Thanks for the assistance in search of a bug. I also have found an astable code snippet… Now I’m eliminating this bug …
                      Total Comments by minimus: 167

  4. Very nice


    there is delay in the emergence of images ..
    must reduce the size of js and images ..

    please add Social , filcr ,Twitter,Facebook ..
    and add any code with link image ..Example :

    thank you
    Total Comments by مدونة رسين: 4

  5. Hi,
    thanks a lot for this plugin. I have a question. I want to change something to my language (my site is not in english) and i want to change the (5 readers) and (10 followes) in my language… where can i make this? I mean the things that shows at the page….

    Thanks a lot
    Total Comment by Romeo: 1

  6. I just downloaded your sidebar widget for feeds and tweets, and I’m looking forward to it improving my site.
    Thank you for creating it.

    I’d also like to ask about the Twitter box on each of your posts. I’d like to incorporate that into my website as well. Where did you find it.

    I appreciate your help and guidance.

    Total Comment by Paul of Bert & Patty: 1

  7. Very wonderfull plugin.

    Can i hope a release with Facebook ? For me, Twitter, Feedburner and facebook and it’s perfect ! 😉
    Total Comments by Benoist: 4

  8. Здравствуйте, minimus, надеюсь, не оставите без подскази русскоязычного посетителя? а то лично мне представляется странным обращаться к собрату из Беларуси на инглише.

    Моя проблема – при попытке сохранить настройки в панели управления плагином, меня редиректит на страницу общих настроек блога (general settings). фактически сохранения настроек не происходит. загружал через тотал коммандер, версия php 4, атрибуты папки плагина 750. не пойму я, в чем проблема. подскажите, если есть идеи. спасибо!
    Total Comments by Goodwin: 2

    • Здравствуйте, Goodwin! Честно говоря, первый раз встречаю такой баг (с этим плагином) … Если можете (если не localhost), дайте URL блога, на котором это происходит. Был у меня похожий баг, но с чужим плагином, редирект, правда, был в никуда. В итоге, обычное дело – конфликт плагинов. Обычно конфликт происходит между плагинами JS написанными в стиле 2.6- и плагинами написанными в стиле 2.7+. Я думаю, у Вас что-то в этом духе.

      Кстати, для русскоязычных пользователей, эта статья находится здесь. 😉
      Total Comments by minimus: 167

      • спасибо, тогда перенесу обсуждение на русскоязычный блог. я о нем не знал ))) сорри
        Total Comments by Goodwin: 2

  9. thank’s for share it
    Total Comment by arash: 1

  10. Hello.
    After the instalation and set the parameters :
    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: simplexmlelement in /home/diaconiu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simple-counters/simple-counters.php on line 202

    What its this?
    Total Comment by D.Alin: 1

  11. Благодарю вас за отличный плагин! Установился легко и без проблем. Удачи!
    Total Comment by Сергей: 1

  12. Hi,

    Nice plugin. I installed on my site and it does not show up properly on IE.
    It works great on Chrome and Firefox.

    Appreciate your comment 🙂
    Total Comment by anisjournal: 1

  13. Before I am so rude as to complain and ask for help, I want to tell you that this is an awesome plugin. And it looks perfect on your site. But on my site there is too much space between the text. Specifically the counts (numbers) and the words (readers & followers). It almost looks as if someone added extra padding.

    My site is //blogswithwings.com

    Is there something I can do to correct the spacing so there isn’t a big gap between the numbers and the text? I want the spacing to look like yours does.
    Total Comment by Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella: 1

  14. Hi,
    I just installed this plugin, but I get this error for the feedburner counter:
    Error Code: g
    Can you tell me what that means?
    I’ve also tried the “Redirect data request to client side” option.
    Still doesn’t work.
    Total Comment by CMentality: 1

    • This means that when you request data from the FeedBurner error occurred. Most likely, your ISP has closed access to the server FeedBurner. Enabling the “Redirect data request to client side” option allow receive data from the server FeedBurner using JavaScript on the client side. You can to test plugin client side mode – just load your blog in any browser.
      Total Comments by minimus: 167

  15. Hi
    i installed your plugin and activated it but i don’t see any change on my websites cure4us.com and 3sdiet.com
    i don’t know what i am doing wrong i tried it on two websites but nothing, i installed the plugin directly from WP and active
    please advise
    Total Comment by amal: 1

  16. Can You provide with code for BLOGGER?Please!?does it work on that platform?
    Total Comment by Tabasko: 1

  17. Где нейти вход для настройки плагина???
    Total Comments by pro-fx: 2

  18. Super danke das ist klasse!
    Спасибо  большое всё работает!

    Total Comment by Johannes Hammerschmidt: 1

  19. great work! but it don’t work in IE 9, no action on mouse over widget.
    Total Comments by Aleksandr: 2

    • А поподробнее можно?

      • На двух компьютерах проверил, один  и тот же эффект: при наведении курсора ничего не выплывает, курсор принимает вид как для ссылки только для текстовой подписи feedburner, при нажатии куда угодно ничего не происходит
        Total Comments by Aleksandr: 2

  20. plugin stopped working on a version of 3.2.1
    Total Comments by Reg: 2

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